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Client FAQ
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1. How is your translating speed?

A: The average translating speed of our translators is 4,500 words per day, and daily volume of the company can reach tens of thousands of words. We can translate 10,000 words within 2-3 days and 100,000 words within a week. Besides, we offer special service and charge 30% urgent fee on the basis of the original amount if you need urgently.

Q2: How do you count the words?

A: Chinese and English files are counted according to Chinese words based on the WORD statistical result, including Chinese words, Chinese punctuations, English letters,and English punctuations regardless of the spaces. This counting method has become a standard in translation field. Generally, two times of the number of English letters in a file is nearly the same as the number of translated Chinese words regardless of spaces. The number of the words on a piece of A4 paper is almost 500. Considering that we need to figure out the significance of punctuations and special characters in the article,they are included in the statistical result. In an English essay, a punctuation mark may determine the meaning of a sentence, as Luxun has pointed out that an article without punctuations or with incorrect punctuations may not be taken as an article. Besides, we are required to consider the meaning of chemical formulas and mathematical formulas when translating which may be more time-consuming than plain text.

Q3: What is Native Language Review?

A: Native language is the domestic standard language someone learnt originally. In our company we have an American interpreter who was born in American and his first language is English, second language Chinese. We will have the text proofread by the American interpreter to make the sentences more fluent and avoid translation traces.

Q4: What about paper documents?

A: We recommend you to express large numbers of documents to our company and we will bear the freight. Then we will return the original documents after we make a copy by express (We bear the freight).


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