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Mining Translation
editor:suntrans   time:2013-04-23

Beijing Suntrans Language Translation Co.Ltd provides professional mining, geology and energy translation. We have provided translation services for more than 60 international mining and oil companies, and have completed more than 30 million words translation in geology, mining and oil industry. We have more than 300 professional translators in the field of geology, mining and petroleum. So we can provide the right translators for your project.

Geological translation has high requirements on specialization, such as terminologies, the accuracy of the language, the original version, and the native language revisers. High requirement for translators are strong industry background, extensive field experience and solid knowledge of geological terminologies.

Our employees are from world-wide famous universities, with rich experience in geological translation and industry development. They are good at professional terminologies, and the native speaker proofreader have thoroughly understanding in documents. Therefore, we are able to provide the most suitable geological translation and suitable solutions.

Our business mainly are: Coalfield Geological Survey, mineral exploration, geological mapping, engineering geological exploration, petroleum geological survey, pile foundation engineering survey, water well drilling, geological consulting and construction related technical documentation, construction technical specifications, drawings, business contracts, tender and bid, documents, and on-site interpreting work.


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