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Petroleum Translation
editor:suntrans   time:2013-04-23

Through years’ unremitting efforts, Suntrans has become the preferred translation supplier for numerous petroleum and chemical companies at home and abroad. Besides, we have built long-term partnership with many noted petrochemical groups. Our translation services are mainly related to petroleum drilling, petroleum geology, petroleum and gasoil-gas storage and transportation engineering, petroleum exploration, petroleum refining technologies, pipeline transportation, chemical industry, chemical materials, inorganic chemical industry, engineering plastics, functional polymer, rubber, chemical fiber, chemical fertilizer, chemical agent, chemical medicine, chemical apparatus and instruments and some other fields.

petroleum translation: We employ doctors of China University of Geosciences and other senior translators and interpreters who have been engaged in offering translation services in related fields. Some of them have been working in China National Petroleum Corporation for years and are skilled in petroleum engineering and fields that are related to petroleum including reservoir engineering, petroleum production engineering, drilling engineering, ground pipeline engineering, oilfield chemistry, petroleum economics and trade, geological engineering, exploration and development, logging earthquakes, drilling fluid, petroleum machinery. In addition, they have working experience in overseas oilfield and are familiar with petroleum glossary, laws and regulations of domestic and overseas.


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