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We provided translation service for international friends in urgent need
editor:suntrans   time:2013-05-20

In an afternoon of the August, Suntrans received a call from a foreign client who wanted a document in PPT format be translated as soon as possible. It was 4 pm in his country then. We convened an emergency meeting after we went through the 48 pages’ documents with complex page layout. The document had to be translated from Chinese to English before 11 on the very night.

We analyzed the documents in detail, taking every link and tiny signs into consideration and set up a translation team immediately. Through overnight effort, we completed the translation, native English-speaking proofreading and typesetting at 10:35 pm. We sent the translated documents to the client by email, and he kept saying thank you in Chinese over the phone. That night, we Suntrans felt very proud of ourselves……

Here is one page of the PPT document we translated:


We are Suntrans, we devote ourselves to help our clients with customer-oriented principle and tap our full potential to develop Suntrans. We believe that, our clients will say YES for our devoted services.

If you have the same demand as the above-mentioned client, please click the online customer service on the right of our website or dial 400-6010-935. Our website is:www.bjsuntrans.cn. Your trust is our motivation to keep going!


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