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The head of a prospecting equipment company, Ms. Gu: ‘Only Suntrans can offer geological translation service with such high quality.’
editor:suntrans   time:2013-04-24

The company of Ms. Gu is specialized in prospecting equipment. Its new products are mobile refuge chambers for mining, which is composed of adapter module, life supporting compartment and equipment compartment, and can be divided into capsule structure system, oxygen system, temperature control system, air purification system, dynamic security system, communication system, environment monitoring system, lighting indicator system and life support system. By comparing our company with many other translation companies, Ms. Gu decided to accept our translation and native English-speaking proofreading service to guarantee the quality of her product description. Here is a part of our translation which has been published:

In accordance with the oxygen concentration value measured by gas collection controller with multi-parameters in the lifesaving cabins or permanent refuge chambers, the mine users can use manual or automatic control method to release oxygen so as to ensure that the oxygen concentration in the lifesaving cabins or permanent refuge chambers remains between 18% and 23.5%

Suntrans provides professional geological mining translation. Translators and interpreters of our companies have strong background in mining and rich experience in translation. Our company lives up to the reputation in the field of mining translation. We will sign a confidentiality agreement according to customer's requirements and organize a translation team of senior translators under the charge of the project manager efficiently after we receive the material to be translated, to ensure that every paper will be translated with efficiency and accuracy.

Suntrans—the top brand in geology and mining translation


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